Debug certificate expired in Android


Is your Eclipse suddenly started throwing the error "Error generating final archive: Debug Certificate expired on ...." as shown below, check this in Problems tab.
This error is due to the debug certificate of the Android application. When installed, the Android SDK generates a "debug" signing certificate for you in a file called "debug.keystore". Eclipse uses this certificate rather than forcing you to create a new one for every project.This debug certificate which is only valid for 365 days. To get rid of the problem:
Step 1: Locate the debug.keystore and delete the file
To locate that file In Eclipse IDE -> Windows -> Preferences -> Android -> Build and check the "Defualt debug keystore" file path. Go to the folder in which that file present and Just delete the debug.keystore file.
Step 2: Clean the project.
Get back to Eclipse IDE and Go to Project -> Clean. This will will regenerate a new keystore and debug key and your error will be resolved.

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