How to book Indane Gas Cylinder by mobile

Now you can book Indane gas cylinder by mobile with 2 methods for Punjab only:

1. By calling
2. By SMS

1. By Calling: Call 9781324365, and follows the instructions, if you are dialing this number first time then you need to register your number first, you can register 3 mobile numbers.

First time, dial the respective Indane IVR number  of your area  from your landline / mobile.
Hyderabad: 9848824365
Chennai:  8124024365
Kolkata: 9088324365
Lucknow: 8726024365
Chandigarh: 9781324365
Kochi: 9961824365
Noida & Delhi:9911554411
and follow the steps as guided by voice response.
First,Select the language options.
Second, enter the phone number of you distributor with STD code.You can find your Indane gas dealer/distributor phone number from here.
Third, enter your Indane gas consumer number.
Fourth,select from the options for booking refill.
After these steps, the system would provide you the reference for refill booking and if you are using it for the first time it will prompt you to  register your phone number from which you called.
After the initial registration, for future booking, registered users can dial Indane IVR number from the registered phone number and select an option through the interactive mode for a) refill booking or b) registering complaint or c) for status of the previous booking. If refill booking is opted for, the system would respond with the reference number for refill booking and an SMS will send be send your mobile with reference number.

2. By SMS: For my point of view this method is best, Just compose a message on your mobile like this:

IOC <**landline number of your agency with std code**> <**your distribution number**>

For ex: IOC 01612300253 TPxxxxx

and send this message to 9781324365.

you can find your agency number from here.

When you are sending this message first time then your phone no. will register with this message and after that to book your cylinder just send
IOC to 9781324365, it will register your booking and send booking no. on your mobile by SMS.

I hope this information will help you. Any queries let me know by commenting on the post.

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  1. nice blogs.
    Whenever you want to Port-in with a new service provider, you need to send an SMS PORT to 1900 to generate a unique porting code. This code needs to be clearly mentioned by you in the Port-in form at the time of giving the request.



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