Punjabi Alphabets applications for Android / iPhone

Absolute Infotech has recently launched a facile Mobile application, which bestows encyclopedic knowledge of the Punjabi varanmala. This Android Mobile Application provides an exclusive Punjabi tutor which makes Punjabi alphabet learning as simple as a child’s play. This exclusive Mobile application provides native speaking Punjabi tutor to learn Punjabi Varanmala effortlessly.

This is the nonpareil application which is accomplished in a very enticing way. An apparent application which bestows cloudless knowledge through figurative depiction of the letters. The relevant examples are also available with every letter which will be beneficial for the character recognition. With all the examples of the letters, the word in English is also given to widen the knowledge.

Mobile Application is customized in such a way that it will provide all-inclusive assistance for pronunciation of all the letters with its exclusive Acoustic phonetic attribute. With great sound clarity this phonetic feature will help to achieve perfection in recognizing sounds of the letters. This mobile application will be beneficial for all specially for the beginners with zero knowledge of the Punjabi language. To learn online click here.

Download this app for Android or iPhone.

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