Steve Jobs (Apple) - 1955-2011


Steve Jobs - 1955-2011

The world lost one of its biggest inspirations of our lifetime. As we all know by now, Steve Jobs passed away this past Wednesday, October 5th, 2011.

In Remembering Steve, my co-founder, Walter had this to say:

"Dear Universe,
I remember when it all started, moving that turtle around on the screen in elementary school.
I remember programming Basic on an Apple ][.
I remember seeing Toy Story.
I remember my Dad giving me an iPod for Christmas.
I remember sitting in the audience listening to Steve give a eulogy for Mac OS Classic at WWDC.
I remember seeing him so incredibly excited to give a “small token” of appreciation at the Apple all-hands by giving everyone an iPod shuffle.
I remember seven years ago sitting in my office on the third floor of Apple’s main campus when (ding!) an e-mail from Steve Jobs lands in my inbox.
I remember him beginning the e-mail simply with the word “Team”.
I remember thinking this was a company-wide e-mail but it still had a very personal, human tone.
I remember seeing the words pancreatic cancer.
I remember falling prey to his reality distortion field, particularly his optimism about beating this thing.
I really wish his reality was our reality…
This evening I stopped by the Apple campus to pay my respects and remember Steve. I was not alone.
The parking lot was packed. There was a vigil. A bench with flowers, candles, and an iPad with Steve’s photo on display.
Silence. Sadness. Loss.
Steve, you touched our lives in so many personal, delightful, and emotional ways. Thanks for thinking different!
You will be missed!"

Walter Luh.

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