To be peaceful, be thankful for all that is. Peace comes when
There is no fighting, and being thankful eliminates what you
Would fight against.

In a state of peace, you can focus all of your energy on
Being effective and creative. When you are at peace, you
Have great power to put toward the service of your highest

Peace enables you to fully accept and make use of the
Limitless abundance that surrounds you. Peace saves you from
All the wasted time and effort of resentment, judgment,
Worry and doubt.

What has arrived in your world is already here, and you are
Here to fully experience it. See if you can be genuinely and
Unreservedly thankful, for that thankfulness draws you into
The powerful state of peacefulness.

Yes, some of what comes your way is uncomfortable,
Inconvenient and even painful. Be thankful nonetheless, and
Ease the burden of your burdens.

Be thankful, and truly at peace, with what is. And you put
Yourself in control of what can be.
 ~Ralph Marston~