Flooding In Pakistan


Men take refuge on a boat during heavy rain in Pakistan's Nowshera District

Residents watch water pour through a street on the outskirts of Peshawar

Pakistani villagers move to high ground escaping a flood-hit village near Nowshera

Nimra, a three-year-old girl, who was rescued along with her family from Kaalam in the northern area, kisses the window glass of an army helicopter after their arrival at Khuazakhela in Swat district located in Pakistan's northwest Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Province

A Pakistani volunteer uses a small boat to evacuate locals in a flood-hit area of Nowshera

A soldier evacuating residents carries a flood victim to a helicopter in Sanawa

Pakistani flood survivors line up beside a damaged bridge in Medain, a town of Swat Valley

People wait to cross a flooded road in Bannu, northwestern Pakistan

A flood survivor carries a soaked mat in a flooded area of Nowshera

Pakistani women pray at sunset by the Ravi river in Lahore

Onlookers perched on a damaged bridge watch a flood survivor use a rope to cross the river in Chakdara in Pakistan's Swat Valley

A family takes refuge on top of a mosque while awaiting rescue from flood waters in Sanawa, a town located in the Muzaffar Ghar district of Pakistan's Punjab province

A woman yells as her child is evacuated from the roof of a mosque where residents were taking refuge from flood waters in Sanawa, Pakistan

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